Sunday, 18 August 2013

My journey

l also worked with many others and saw many techniques to avoid, seeing that they did not benefit the quality or the speed of work. From the age of 26 I was given my first job to look after and from there it developed into the role of site manager. I had many great years running jobs and was proud to win 2 craftsmanship awards for restoration and new builds. During the same time as this I became a part time lecturer at the college that trained me. This teaching brought many rewards in job satisfaction, and still does to this day.

Cutting bricks is a hazardous operation. It can be done using a hammer and bolster or a disc cutter. It is recommended that once the dry bond is set and broken bonds/cuts have been established that all the cutting is done in one single operation. This is beneficial for 2 reasons, all the dust and hazards are over with quickly and secondly the laying process is much smoother, ie no stop/start throughout the work. Once the cuts are complete it is advised that all the cuts are placed close to where they are to be used.

Watch my video on the fine art of cutting bricks.


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